About Priyanka Ajudia - Director

Priyanka Ajudia has agricultural background and fully involved in planning new projects and fully involved in planning of new projects, and effective marketing activities and plays vital role in R &D activities. The company now came forward for entering in to MOU for new technology production of good notified verities at large scale. Under her leadership the company executed two mou one with ICAR-NBAIR Bangalore for EPN technology for biological control of white grubs and other Soil insects and She gone through the very intensive training of such technology another MOU with ICAR-IIMR Hyderabad for nationally released Sorghum CSH-41 to multiply/produce the seed of said Hybrid at large scale and market in the country. She is very active, Dynamitic, well afficiant and always look forward for new technologies and innovations in ongoing business. She pays more attentions and time for R&D activities and keep close Eye over ongoing Research projects, hold meeting’s/Discussion with Breeder and technical staff and encourage them and contribute a lot. Thus, she promotes the success of the company. She applies reasonable care, skill, delligence and holds ability to work well with letter. She provides effective leadership to the company.