Bottle Gourd Health benefits & Nutritional facts

Bottle Gourd Health Benefits …
Bottle gourd is believed to help theliver function in a balanced fashion.

The juice from the leaves help curejaundice and the juice from the gourd helps reduce graying of hair.

The gourd juice, helps treatburning sensation in the urinary passage if consumed with lime juice.

 It reduces fatigue and keeps you fresh, especially during summer.
 It helps fightconstipation, as it is fiber rich. Because of its fiber and low fat content, Ayurveda highly recommends this food for diabetic patients and young children.

Ayurveda also recommends the juice of this gourd in thetreatment of acidity, indigestion and ulcers as it serves as an alkaline mixture.

Indian traditional medicine claims that bottle gourd acts as anerve tonic and can help improve obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). This claim has been confirmed by a study published in the journal Pharmacognosy Research where the investigators found that the plant possesses anti-compulsive (anti-OCD) activity although they are not certain about the mechanism of action of this plant.

Bottle gourd is also considered one of thebest weight loss foods since it is 96 percent water and provides just 12 calories per 100g of serving.

It is rich in, thiamin, vitamin C, zinc, iron and magnesium thus helping in improving overall health.

The juice from bottlegourd leaf helps incuring baldness and aids inpreventing tooth decay.

The juice from bottlegourd leaf helps incuring baldness and aids inpreventing tooth decay.

So the good old "lauki", though neglected the most, has both healing and cosmetic benefits that many people are unaware of. These easy growing climbers have made a great impact on the domestic gardening segment as well, due to its enormous health benefits.

Bottle gourd Nutritional Facts
Nutritional value BOTTLE GOURD (100 gm) as per Nutritive value of Indian foods

Moisture (g) 96.1
Protein (g) 0.2
Fat (g) 0.1
Minerals (g) 0.5
Crude Fiber (g) 0.6
Carbohydrates (g) 2.5
Energy (Kcal) 12
Calcium(mg) 20
Phosphorus (mg) 10
Iron (mg) 0.46
Carotene (mcg) 0
Thiamine (mg) 0.03
Riboflavin (mg) 0.01
Niacin (mg) 0.2
Total B6 (mg) 0
Folic Acid (free) (mcg) 0
Folic Acid (Total) (mcg) 0
Vitamin C (mg) 0